Why Composite Fillings are Ideal for Treating Cavities

When people think of fillings, they often picture traditional silver amalgam fillings, as that’s what was used primarily to treat cavities in the past. Today, many dentists have transitioned to composite tooth-colored dental fillings as they’re effective in stopping decay and have a natural-looking appearance. Dr. Warren Boardman offers composite filling treatment at Ridgeway Dentistry in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Composite Filling Advantages

Composite fillings are composed of a biocompatible acrylic resin material fortified with powdered glass with no mercury or metals added. Their durable composition makes them a good fit for your front teeth or your molars. If appearance is important to you, a composite tooth-colored restoration will fit the bill nicely as your cavity filling blends right in with the color of your teeth. Other advantages include the following:

  • Strength and durability to withstand years of biting and chewing
  • Bond directly to your tooth enamel, strengthening its structure while providing protection from cavities
  • Require less removal of tooth enamel which helps retain more of your tooth’s natural structure
  • They aren’t affected by temperature changes in your mouth, making composite fillings less likely to come loose or fall out

The Composite Filling Process

For your convenience, composite fillings can be applied in one dental visit. Dr. Boardman will start by selecting the color of your filling, matching it as closely as possible to the shade of your natural teeth. Next, we’ll numb your tooth and surrounding gum tissue and drill your tooth to remove the decay. Once the decay is removed, we’ll clean and dry the area to prepare your tooth for filling.

A composite filling is applied in layers over the hole, molded to your tooth’s shape, and cured with a special light to help it set properly. Once the cavity has been properly filled, we’ll check your bite to ensure you’re comfortable with it and polish your tooth to complete your treatment.

If you have cavities to be treated, we highly recommend composite fillings. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Warren Boardman for dental fillings, contact Ridgewood Dentistry in Ridgewood, NJ, at (201) 448-8605.