Big News for Ridgewood Dentistry!

Dummy Tooth Covered By Hands

Looking For Some Extra Savings?
We Are Now Offering A Membership Saving Plan!

  • Adult cleaning exam and X-rays $425.00
  • Child cleaning, exam and flouride $350 per year
  • **Plus** 10% off of all dental treatment for enrolled year

Plan Guideline:

Enrollment fee is non-refundable & non-transferable. can not be combined w / any other insurance. Plan starts day payment is made care credit.

Why Join Our Dental Membership Plan?

  • No dental insurance?
  • Losing your dental insurance?
  • Paying too much for your dental insurance?
  • Retired? Need dental care?
  • Looking to save money on your dental care?
Membership Savings Plan - Ridgewood Dentistry, NJ

Why You Should Consider
Our Membership Saving Plan

NO yearly max

NO deductables

NO waiting period

NO pre – authorizations required