Do You Suffer from Bruxism? A Night Guard Can Help Protect Your Teeth!

Bruxism, i.e., teeth grinding, is a problem shared by thousands of people across the country. Nighttime bruxism can be particularly problematic as you may be unaware of your actions and the effects your condition has on your teeth. Night guards offer a simple solution to managing nighttime bruxism to protect your teeth from harm. Dr. Warren Boardman can have custom night guards made for your use at Ridgewood Dentistry, Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Purpose of a Bruxism Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard for grinding teeth won’t cure your bruxism, but it can address the problems that teeth grinding can cause, namely:

  • Chips and cracks in your teeth
  • Wear and tear on your teeth 
  • Pain caused by damaged teeth 
  • Morning headaches due to clenching and grinding your teeth all night
  • Jaw pain and discomfort
  • Loss of quality sleep

Wearing a mouthguard on your upper or lower teeth reduces the stress of tooth grinding to protect your teeth from damage. Your mouthguard will absorb most of the pressure of clenching and grinding your teeth to minimize painful symptoms. With less pressure and pain, you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably.

Custom Night Guards

OTC generic night guards are relatively cheap. However, they may not fit properly or perform as well as they could due to being “one size fits all.” For optimal performance, we recommend having nightguards custom-made for your use. Dr. Boardman can take digital impressions or scans of your teeth to have customized nightguards fabricated just for you. A customized night guard will fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth to provide the protection you need. Custom night guards offer a practical, non-invasive means of managing bruxism symptoms and protecting the integrity of your teeth.

A visit to Ridgewood Dentistry in Ridgewood, NJ, can determine if you’re suffering from nighttime bruxism, so you can take steps to protect your teeth. To learn more about night guards and how they can benefit you, contact Dr. Warren Boardman at (201) 448-8605 at your earliest convenience.