From digital X-rays to laser dentistry, technology supports safe, painless, and high-quality dental care

Ridgewood Dentistry is built on a foundation of continuous improvement. Dr. Warren Boardman is constantly acquiring knowledge about and prioritizes training on the latest techniques and services to effectively and safely maintain or restore the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Technology helps to support us in our mission of providing exceptional dental care to individuals and their families in Bergen County and greater northern New Jersey.

We have highlighted below some of these “helpers” that make a real positive difference in treatment outcomes and patients’ overall experience at our office in Ridgewood.

Doctor with Patient in Clinic
  • Digital X-rays – Instead of conventional film-based radiography, we use computer technology and special sensors to safely capture many clear images of your mouth. Digital systems are associated with up to 90% reduction in radiation exposure while collecting information about your mouth. Furthermore, this process presents a secure way to store your valued medical information. Our team can even quickly view these images alongside you, which aids in your ability to make the most educated decision about your treatment. Plus, digital imaging eliminates the waste associated with traditional film processing
  • Laser dentistry – We can use dental lasers as an alternative to conventional cutting instruments, such as scalpels. The laser is directed toward the treatment site in a precise manner. It does not make direct contact with the teeth or other oral tissues. Altogether, these features promote the most gentle, low-risk, and comfortable experience during and after treatment. The use of dental lasers for a range of cosmetic and restorative procedures also supports the preservation of healthy natural tissues and helps to trigger natural and quick healing
  • Intraoral scanner – Those “intraoral” scanners are designed to be placed inside the mouth to capture highly detailed images of even the most minor areas. We use the TRIOS scanner by a leading intraoral scanner brand, 3Shape. This system uses a small wand or handpiece to collect images inside the mouth at every angle. Diagnostics with this technology are comfortable and present a much more attractive alternative to gag-inducing, traditional means of making impressions or models of the mouth with bitewings. Impression-taking with this method also helps to reduce the “human error” that has plagued the conventional process
  • OralID – Manufactured by Forward Science, OralID is a small, handheld device that non-invasively uses fluorescence (blue light) technology to aid in identifying anomalies of the mucosal tissues in the mouth. Since early detection of precancerous lesions and cancerous oral growths is essential to successful treatment, OralID is truly a life-saving aid. Anomalous tissues fluoresce as dark spots rather than green (as with “normal,” healthy tissue). So, we can clearly see suspect areas, which then supports recommendations that are in the best interests of your long-term health
  • Intraoral camera – As its name suggests, intraoral camera technology involves using a very small camera inside the mouth to take photos of a single tooth, a tiny area, or the entire smile. The camera is located toward the tip of a handheld “wand” or handpiece. This wand is passed over the areas that we are evaluating comfortably. Furthermore, images are transmitted to a computer monitor for our team to view in real time. There is no waiting and no waste. This non-invasive method of capturing highly detailed and clear images also elevates the treatment experience. We can better educate patients on underlying problems. So they can make the most informed decision about their treatment and sustained health
  • GLO® Teeth Whitening – This system by GLO Science® blends a unique mouthpiece and illuminating heat technology to provide optimal whitening efficiency, safety, comfort, and power. In around 16 minutes, you can lighten your teeth by up to 12 shades and without the sensitivity associated with earlier-generation in-office “power” whitening services
  • Ortek-ECD® — This “Electronic Caries Detector” by Ortek pinpoints cavities and early tooth decay before it can be seen with X-rays or other “standard” diagnostic imaging technologies. The quick and painless process furthermore prevents the extended decay that results in the need for larger and more aggressive restorative treatments, such as Root Canal Therapy. We include this capability at no charge during your regular exam
Dental equipments of Ridgewood Dentistry
Oral Cancer Screening Device
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