Preserve your Smile with Prompt Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes, accidents happen that cause damage to your teeth. Dental trauma can crack, dislodge, or knock out a tooth, making it necessary to receive emergency treatment. Untreated decay can cause severe toothache that needs to be treated right away. There are numerous situations that warrant emergency dentistry. When emergencies arise, you can count on Dr. Warren Boardman from Ridgewood Dentistry, Ridgewood, New Jersey, to provide the assistance you need.

Situations Requiring Emergency Dental Care

Not all dental problems need emergency treatment. When in doubt, it’s best to reach out to our team so we can advise you on what to do. The following situations, however, are dental emergencies and require immediate care:

  • Painful toothache – An extremely painful toothache that doesn’t let up could be a sign of a serious dental infection or injury that needs immediate attention. 
  • Severely damaged tooth – A badly fractured or broken tooth should be seen immediately. If the fracture breaches the pulp of your tooth, it exposes your nerves and blood vessels to bacteria in your mouth, putting you at risk of oral infection or decay that could cost you your tooth. If your tooth can’t be saved due to irreparable damage, it may require same-day tooth extraction.
  • Swollen or bleeding gums – Swollen, painful, bleeding gums are not normal and should be seen by your dentist immediately. In like manner, you should contact Dr. Boardman immediately if your jaw suddenly swells for no reason. 
  • Dislodged or knocked out tooth – Both these situations are dental emergencies as the injury can damage gum tissues or nerves, further complicating your condition. If you act quickly, Dr. Boardman may be able to reattach your tooth to spare you from tooth loss.

Importance of Receiving Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency treatment for serious dental issues could help save your tooth from extraction. The sooner you see your dentist, the sooner we can repair the damage to preserve your smile. Prompt treatment also spares you from undue pain and suffering.

Dental emergency? Contact Dr. Warren Boardman from Ridgewood Dentistry in Ridgewood, NJ, at (201) 448-8605 for prompt and effective treatment.